20 January 2022

Joining the CCHA

If you run a classic car hire business, or are thinking of starting one, membership of the Classic Car Hire Association offers a number of benefits.

Sharing knowledge - We hold at least 2 meetings a year at a central England location, these are great opportunities to get together with like minded enthusiasts and share experiences - the good and the bad. These meetings and the discussions and contacts that follow are an invaluable source of help, guidance and inspiration for CCHA members. All of the members would agree that this alone is worth the joining fee.

CCHA voucher scheme - this is a nationwide gift voucher plan offering the classic car enthusiasts the widest choice of classic cars available in the UK under a single scheme. The scheme is administered by the CCHA for the benefit of the members.

Internet - The CCHA web site provides a focal point for UK classic car hire and a true directory of members and services without bias towards any individual or business. CCHA members have complete access and control over their web site content via an on-line content management system.

Marketing - As a national association the CCHA is able to deal with on and off line media at a national level providing editorial advertising and representation for national media.

Insurance - The association has developed relationships with insurance providers who specialise in our industry. The more there are of us the better deals we can get!

Spare parts - We are constantly talking to national suppliers to establish discounts for CCHA members, we also operate a parts and knowledge 'exchange' where CCHA members help each other out with locally available spare parts and a little mechanical knowhow.

The CCHA is a growing and developing group and new members with new ideas are very welcome.

If you are interested in joining the CCHA then please give us a call on 01759 368288


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